Modalités de paiement

Depuis le 4 Juillet 2017 nous n' acceptons plus que les espèces et les cartes de crédit.Chèques sous conditions nous contacter

Nous n' avons plus de chatons de disponible cette année 2017 Rendez vous au printemps 2018. 

Chatons de Jelly à 3 mois 2017

Noos Nacre et Nobel (en partant de la gauche)

Chatons de Jewel à 3 mois 2017

Nuance, Niodie, Nougat et Nayan (en partant de la gauche)

Jelba, Juno and Jafar

Photos of the kittens

Pictures of our kittens at 1 month group games...

Idaho our protected

less than 2 months. It remains with us.

Ivory Beefy

  • Roulibouli

less than 2 months

IMac trickster

less than 2 months lives in la Rochelle

INO the Caballo

  • Ino à 1 an

less than 2 months live Nantes

Isoya leader

  • Roulibouli

less than 2 months. She lives in Nantes and renamed Isys.

Douglass naughty

less than 2 months. She lives near Paris

Collective game

Part of hammock

The universe of our small felines

Our kittens to 26 days

Like my mother...

First release of motherhood

I want to do as the major

First look at the man.

The small blue and Vendée of Helys Haslan

Here is the first picture of our kittens from 2013.

The kittens will be sold vaccines and chips and registrants to LOOF.
You will leave with all the required papers such as:

A certificate of good health of the kitten by our vet.
The health record of the kitten and the dates of recall of vaccines
Its identification (microchip)
A photo album of your cat since his birth (bring your usb key)
The photocopy of application of pedigree to the results of the regulation.
A sales contract in duplicate with all our conditions and articles of law on the pet.
The photocopy of the pedigree of the parents.
the copy of declaration of projection to LOOF
as well as with...
A book of the kitten.
A bag of kibble.

Our kittens will be sold not sterilized (opportunity: cost to you under tariff veterinarian)
We recommend sterilization not before the age of one year.
We will also specify whether it is for reproduction, the expo or the company.

We remain owner of our cat until full settlement.
The pedigree application will be asked for the total payment of the kitten.

You can come see the chosen kitten as many times as you want before its complete withdrawal and deposit paid.
For any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone.

Franck and Virginia Naert

Fanny and fantasy

Our kittens born on May 31, 2010 Fanny and fantasy have gone towards a new destiny... we wish them a lot of happiness and hugs in their new family.
Fanny at 1 year

Fanny at 1 year

Here is our little Fanny to 1 year

Fantasy Channel

After several years without new fancy rename Channel gives us his new

3rd week

Eye opening

Long live the playmobils

The kittens at 1 month and a half

Breakfast at 2 months and a half

Fanny and fancy at 3 months

Fantasy on the way to the start...

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