Kittens of 2018.

Next available for November 2018 dominant color kittens blue point.

Opening of pre-reservations
optioned to 2018
optioned for 2019

Jewel baby

Name of the kittenDate of birthsexColoravailabilityresidence
O26 Juillet 2018MLilacRéservée Solange1030 Grs
Olympe des Bleus de VendéeJuly 26, 2018MLilac pointDisponible1380 Grs 
Only you des Bleus de VendéeMBlue pointRéservé Audrey1190 Grs
Orphée des Bleus de VendéeFLilac pointRéservée Virginie930 Grs
Ollie des Bleus de VendéeFBlue pointRéservé Adeline1280 Grs
Modification possibility. Disponibility for November 2018. last day publication le 12 July 2018.

Jewel had 5 kittens

Babies of Marquise

Marchioness had 3 kittens

Name of the kittensDate of birthsexColoravailabilityResidence
Shade of blue of VendéeApril 28, 2018FBlue PointSoldLive in Paris
The Vendée blue OpalFLilacSoldLive in Nantes
Dark the bruises of VendéeMSeal pointSold
Live in Normandy
 .........des Bleus de VendéeMBlue Pointà pré-réserver
Sous réserve de modifications. Disponibles pour le 17 Décembre 2018. Dernière mise à jour le 1er Octobre 2018.

Mysticca babies

Mysticca had 3 kittens

Name of the kittensDate of birthsexColoravailabilityWeight
The blues of Vendée oneaMay 15, 2018FSeal pointOption940 grams
The blues of Vendée OlivioMSeal pointReserved Lisa1160grs
Ocean of the blues of VendéeMSeal pointReserved Timothé1140 g
. Subject to change. Available to the Meow... t last updated July 30, 2018. to 10 gram

The blues of Vendée onea

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Marchioness had 3 kittens